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Hospitals and Transition Facilities

  • Psychiatric Hospitals
  • Crisis Residential
  • Addiction Service Facilities

Community and Residential Patients

  • Home Health Care Agencies
  • Group and Transitional Care Management
  • 340B patients

Long Term Care Facilities

  • MH/IDD Facilities
  • Specialty Needs Facilities
  • Youth Facilities
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Group Homes
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities


Cycle Fill - Solid Oral Dosage Forms

Every solid oral dose, routine medication is filled and sent out on a calendar month schedule. Shipments of individual medications are typically received 4-6 business days before the start of the following month, in a detailed and highly organized fashion to streamline the check-in process. Our efficient shipping process allows the nursing team to effectively receive medications, check them against the MAR, and distribute them to the homes in a shorter period of time.

All our cycle fill shipping schedules are generated by our pharmacy operating system, which makes it a very efficient process. With the help of our software, we can anticipate when prescriptions are due and identify which medications are needed at any given time. This prevents nurses from chasing down orders, submitting emergency refills, and helps to provide a consistent regimen for both the nurse and the individual.

Non- Cycle Fill Medication

Cycle filled medications provide numerous benefits, however, not every medication can be placed on cycle. To prevent waste and overstock issues, PRN and topical medications (creams, ointments, shampoos, etc), eye/ear/nose and oral contraceptives are not cycle filled. Instead, these items are refilled on demand, and flagged with a message alerting the direct care staff to request the next fill at least three business days prior to the item running out. This lead time prevents any lapse in therapy and ensures each individual has the medications they need.


Life Tree Pharmacy distributes thousands of prescriptions across the country every week utilizing FedEx and local pharmacy courier services. The accuracy and consistency of our distribution network is unmatched, as we rarely encounter problems with deliveries. If there is ever an issue on timeliness, Life Tree Pharmacy will work with you to resolve the issue, and if needed utilize your local pharmacy to call in emergency supplies. We work with your local pharmacy on your behalf to make sure the pickup is simple and quick.

Refills and Physician Orders

Life Tree Pharmacy takes the lead with your physicians to make sure that each individual has a sufficient number of refills on their profile to avoid any lapses in therapy. The process of reaching out to doctors starts as early as 60 days before the current prescription runs out. Our proactive approach prevents potential delays caused by prescriber changes and appointment requests made by the prescriber. When there is a request for an appointment before refills are authorized, we relay that information to the nursing team so a visit can be made prior to the next fill.

Consultant Pharmacist Services

A licensed consultant pharmacist provides expert clinical guidance to healthcare providers on the appropriate use of medications in a variety of practice settings. This role includes collaborating with members of the health care team by providing recommendations to ensure safe and effective drug therapy, as well as guidance on regulatory compliance, facility medication utilization trends and appropriate medication storage. Consultant Pharmacists will perform medication regimen reviews to access the appropriateness, safety, benefits, risks and cost-effectiveness of medication therapy on an individual patient’s health history. The consultant pharmacist may provide alternate treatment options, as well as medication management guidance including drug monitoring, administration, and storage.

Medication Packaging Options

Life Tree Pharmacy offers a wide variety of Compliance Packaging to meet your needs.

Pacmed (Pillow packs)

  • Available in unit dose or multi-dose pouches
  • Each pouch contains the patient name, description of drug, and administration time (with many other custom fields available)
  • Easy pull and tear pouches
  • Provides for variable and shorter cycles

Blister Packs (punch/bingo cards)

  • Widely used and called by many names such as blister, punch cards and bingo cards
  • Available in unit dose
  • Comes in 30 count cards
  • Each card contains a prescription label, with all the information needed and has many other custom fields such as a resident photo

STAT/First Dose solution

  • Depending on the needs of your facility, we provide a variety of STAT and First dose solutions
  • Traditional emergency boxes can be stocked and switched out as often as necessary

Traditional Vials

  • Promote self-administration independence
  • Available with non-safety caps


The Caring Tree Program

Life Tree Specialty Pharmacy’s Patient Management Program utilizes an integrated, patient-centered, evidence based approach to identify and intervene with eligible individuals. Candidates for the Patient Management Program typically present with complex, chronic and/or multiple co-morbid conditions and demonstrate a lack of adherence to medication therapy, inappropriate medication use and/or adverse events.

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Customer Specialty Meds

As a customer, Specialty Medications are offered at a discounted rate with free delivery.

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